Superiority of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Dear scholars, As-Salamu `alaykum. As Muslims we all believe in the superiority of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) over all human beings and regard him to be the greatest of Allah's creation. In the light of the following Qur'anic verse and hadith, kindly explain if we are correct in believing in the superiority of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him).In the Qur'an, Almighty Allah says, "To those who believe in Allah and His Messengers and make no distinction between any of the Messengers, We shall soon give their due rewards.” (An-Nisa': 152). In the Sahih of Al-Bukhari there is also a hadith reported by Abu Hurayrah (may Allah be pleased with him): Once while a Jew was selling something, he was offered a price that he was not pleased with, so he said, “No, by Him Who gave Moses superiority over all human beings!” Hearing him, a man from the Ansar got up and slapped him on his face and said, “You say, ‘By Him Who gave Moses superiority over all human beings’ although the Prophet (Muhammad) is present among us!” The Jew went to the Prophet and said, “O Abul-Qasim, I am under the assurance and contract of security, so what right does so-and-so have to slap me?” The Prophet asked the other, “Why did you slap him?” He told him the whole story. The Prophet became angry so much so that the anger appeared on his face, and he said, “Do not give superiority to any amongst Allah's prophets, for when the trumpet will be blown, every one on the earth and the heavens will become unconscious except those whom Allah will exempt. The trumpet will be blown a second time and I will be the first to be resurrected to see Moses holding Allah's Throne. I will not know whether the unconsciousness which Moses received on the Day of Tur has been sufficient for him, or whether he got up before me. And I do not know that there is anybody better than Yunus ibn Matta.” (Al-Bukhari, vol. 4, Hadith 626). Jazakum Allah khayran.