How to lead a happy life

Assalamu alaykum,Dear scholars, I would like to know - which things in your eyes/ in the eye of Islam is considered to be as a human "perfect" and have a happy life.I think: x) to be religious and understand Islam and follow it x) to have good relations to all people old, children, muslims, youth, etc. x) to be uptodate: have information about the modern world: politics, sports, etc. and now about history and past situations x) to have general informations about politics, geography, and everything x) having succes and work or study the best way one can x) good manner/good characters x) money and a beautiful, kind, religious wife x)to have a strong charakter x) to eat and life healthy and controll one´s weight x) to have a balance between health - job - Islam - family - friends - wife, etc x) to understand the world x) not to be passive and not to run away from problems. If there is any problem or something you don´t understand - doe´sn´t matter how small or silly it is to ask about it and solve it and not to save it for yourself that may lead to psychologic problems x) not to take everything very emotional and make from small things a large story, to ignore things (like f.ex. this person didn´t shake hands with me - not to be sad and angry etc. - to ignore this situation and just think he doesn´t see you) x) Smile to the world - it smiles to youand it would be great if you can add hadithes or verses of the holy quran or quotations of sahabis or prophets in talking about this topic: how to live a good, happy life, without problems and suffers. and how to handle with problems. etc. Salam