Praying Behind a Deobandi or Hanafi Imam

well i have been living in kuwait for 16 years with my family but i am actually a pakistani.while in kuwait i never observed any differences in AZANs of the Masjid and other sects problem which i abruptly observed in Pakistan when i went there to pursue my higher studies and i am currently living in karachi.Here my parents told me that i am Hanafi(which they never told me in Kuwait) and that I have to go to the particular masjid practicing Hanafi,s school of thought well then the only change that it brought to my prayer was that i did,nt raised my hand after and before Ruku well respected imam recently i came to know that hanafi school of thought is divided into further two more groups BARAILVI AND DEOBANDI and trust me i dont know to whom i belong for this reason i am asking for your help .Since my arrival to pakistan i have been praying in a nearby hanafi masjid which my friend who is a barailvi told me that it is deobandi masjid and according to my friend he say,s that the beliefs of deobandi are not correct and that your prayer is not accepted if the believes of the imam are not right.Trust me respected imam i salute my parents that they never involved me in any of sects thing and they always told me that just pray for the gratitudeo f Allah and that deeds are judged by Allah through NIYAA and there is a hadith also regarding niyaa but.I knew that i am following Hanafi school of thought but trust me i never knew there were further sects in it.Now i am totally confused if i pray in mosqu then according to the Barailvi scolar my prayer is invalid since the beliefs of deobandi imam is not correct on the other hand if i pray at home (since there is no barailvi masjid nearby)then according to Hadith of Prophet (p.b.u.h) my prayer is only getting 1 times reward as compared to 27 times if i perform congregrational prayers.Trust me respected Imam i dont know which fiqh or sect you follow i always prayed to Allah with intentions constituting Acceptance and submision to Allah as a muslim and in result expecting bounties from Allah as a result of my prayers.i just go with the intentions in the mosque that Prophet (p.b.u.h) said that congrgational prayer is co mpulsory for men and that it has more reward nothing else.Please Respected Imam how could one know the beliefs and intentions of imam?please help me resolve this complexity for me i am realy confused and i hope that you will not neglect this question and i will appreciate if you handle this question while keeping in mind the Hanafi school of thought?should i continue pray in deobandi mosque or should i pray alone(i just know that i am hanafi and i dont know that i am deobandi or barailvi) my parents simply say that Allah see,s niyaa.I hope you understood my question and i hope that you will help me in resolving.JAZAAKALLAH WA FEE AMANALLAH!