Working in Internet Marketing Company

Al Salam Alaykom Wa Rahmatou Allah Wa Barakatoh !We would like to know whether working in a company that uses the following strategy for marketing is Halal or Haram:It`s a multi-national company that uses network marketing as a way for marketing its product. It starts when you pay 60$ for one of the following two options: 1- You Get a Watch ( 4-6 weeks is the delivery procedure) 2- You Can choose a gold product in the future WITHOUTtagging it ( Reserving it )the plan works as following:You start referring people to the company ,that will come & buy a product exactly as mentioned before ( Either Direct Watch or Choosing a Gold product in the future) so they also become themselves costumer so they can start also referring people to the company.The company gives you commission using the following calculations:they use the Binary System: you only have two legs ( each represent your direct down line) whenever Three People join on your left hand side & another three on your right hand side you`ll get a commission of $30 It should be noted that it doesn`t matter whether those three people who joined the business are referred by you or by your down lines. In other words when you refer people, you will earn commission & also when these people under your organization refer people you will also earn commission.As mentioned above, whenever three people will join your left hand side & three other people join your right hand side you will earn a $30 commission And this will be called a STEP (each $30 = 1 Step)according to the plan, each 5 steps will be paid as following: - 4 Steps Cash ( 4x30 = $120) - 1 step Vouchers ( 1x30 = $30)this 1 Step ( Vouchers ) will be reserved in our account considering one obligation is that you will have to buy a product later on. It should be noted that all the company`s product are GOLD products ( coin- earing- neckless ...etc )this fifth step will be added to the tenth step and to the fifteenth step & so on... till it reaches a minimum amount of any products price,so we can choose it after collecting its price and then we can redeem it and buy it it should be noted that: 1- the company has an agent that he will personally deliver usthe product. 2- any product will be delivered within 4 to 6 weeks when it is should be noted that: 1- It`s an E-commerce business which means that all thetransactions, calculations, and commissions are through the internet. 2- all people when presented to the business were informed that people above them will earn commission after there registration and also they will after they refer people too. 3- all the products are valuable and worth there values. 4- all the commission earned are under the form of E-money, mainly there are three ways to en-cash the money:a- you can transfer to your bank account, plus you will lose 4% due to transaction fees. b- you can issue a check. c- you can buy e-card that will allow you to sign up (refer) people to the company through it.(knowing that the e-card  is an ID number that is a must to have in order to be a  customer in this company and it worth 60$). for example: if somebody decided to join this business will need an e-card to join,so if any customer has a commission of 60$, he can exchange it with an e-card and thus he can take the 60$. for further information please check the rules and regulations listed in the company`s website.