The Steadfastness of a Muslim Convert

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhuI am referring to your help and advice since I have come to a dead end.I come from Greece and I have converted to Islam only 3 years ago. My country is considered as deeply religious with the majority being orthodox Christians. My small hometown however can be described as even more religio My sister of course was supporting their side. Only Allah knows how I got to escape from there, catch the next train and get out of there.What followed was that for some time we didn?t have contacts at all. And then after a few months, me and my sister started talking again. Then she and my mother, visited me and even got out with me, while I was wearing hijab. I knew they felt ashamed for me, but at least they were trying to get along with it.This efforts however were put to an end, when almost 8 months ago I informed them that I was about to marry. They didn?t like this at all. I guess because in the corner of their mind they thought that if I kept being single then at some point I might have changed back my mind. So imagine their reaction when they found out that my future husband was a non- Greek and a muslim. They were furious! They went on saying things, like he will beat you till blood comes out, this is what your religion says. Or you will have kids and he will take them and go to his country, or he will marry another muslim wife and have you like his servant, etc.the result was that they didn?t even come to the wedding and refused any contact with me and him, despite my tries to assure them that he is mashaAllah a nice person and religious enough to prove wrong their claims. Today I am 3 months pregnant. I informed them about it and it?s like I told them today it?s Monday. No feelings aroused for them.the past 2 weeks however they delivered a message through my sister. They say, that they are ready to accept everything as long as I take off my hijab.I called my mom and talked to her. Tried to explain that if hijaab was a way to beautify I would have taken it off right away. But since it?s part of my commitment to Allah I can?t.and I know that they don?t like me wearing hijaab because they have on their mind what people in my hometown will think about me and them once I visit them. They claim of course that it is not that and that they just don?t like it. There is no way of convincing them in this matter. They say I have to back up on this, so that they can accept everything else. It like they perceive it as a war. Which isn?t of course. I want my parents in my life, but I also want to keep hijaab on my head. I realize its importance and role and wouldn?t like to compromise something like that. However how can I make my parents come closer desp ite that, when they refuse to do so?I am really sorry about the length of my question, but I felt I had to present all the facts to you.JazackAllah Khairan