Sexual Intercourse with a Sleeping Wife

Is a man allowed to have sex with his wife while she is sleeping? Doesn’t Islam see this as a degradation of women?In Paradise, every deserving servant of Allah Subhana wa Ta’ala will be content. But what if I don’t want to share my husband in paradise with numerous other women, while he wants to have many many wives along with me in paradise? How will that conflict be solved? How will both the wife and the husband be content?Why will Allah remove the jealousy (of sharing one’s husband) in women’s hearts, but not the extreme lust (of having hundreds of wives) in men’s hearts? In other words, why doesn’t Allah remove the extreme lust of having numerous wives in men’s hearts in order to satisfy the female believers?Why is it that if a woman were married multiple times in the worldly life, she has to choose only ONE husband in Paradise?I also heard that if it is the desire of a woman to be married to multiple men in paradise (let’s say she had fallen in love with numerous men in the worldly life or she just has the desire of having many men servants—there are actually foreign cultures in which women have multiple husbands), then that wish will be granted to her since Paradise is all about being satisfied and fulfilling one’s desires. Is that true?Are there men created for the sole purpose of women’s sexual satisfaction in Paradise?It is not seen as degradation that women in paradise will be created for the sole purpose of men’s sexual satisfaction?These are just questions that plague the minds of many, if not all, women, and I hope I am not disrespecting Allah in any way (astaghfurAllah, may Allah Forgive me). I want to make it clear to the audience that this is not intended as an attack or a disrespect of Allah Subhaa wa Ta’ala and His beautiful religion Islam. I just desire to obtain full clear answers to every one of these questions if you have enough knowledge to provide answers, because I am aware that not everything Allah Subana wa Ta’ala wills is meant for us to understand while being in our current worldly bodies, and Allah the All-Knowing Knows Best.