The Qur’an and Science

Salam Alaikum,Thank you for this terrific service.  First, I want to make it very clear that I find the holy Quran to be very comprehensive, enlightening and a beautiful text.  I have one issue though, I have read many many text by prominent Moslem authors in regard to the Quran and Science.  My humble conclusion is that the issue of science is addressed briefly, generally and in simple, sometimes vague terms in the holy text.  I also understand the holy Quran is not meant to be a scientific paper.As an example of this vagueness, I refer to the statement concerning the establishment of the universe/earth in 6 days or 6 periods, which may mean up to 6 x 50,00 years.  Firstly, I cannot believe that the earth was produced in 6 days and I have trouble with 6 periods if a period may refer to 50,000 yrs or less.  I am an Earth Scientist and isotope-dating methods are very consistent and when it is related to geological systems it provides geological correlations that make perfect sense.  These dating methods indicate the earth is at least 4.6 billion years old.  Here is my question:Why the vagueness with Science, particularly with the example above? As stated in the holy text, I understand there are an enormous amount of things that only Allah knows, but why are we humans put through the distress of dealing with this conflict, for example, there are 3 possible answers to the age of the earth as per the paragraph above (6 days, 6 periods or at least 4.6 billion years), why are we placed in this state confusion without a definitive answer.  I cannot see how this can be any type of test for us humans.May Allah forgive me if I have wr itten anything that is inaccurate, ignorant or displeasing.