Sahih al-Bukhari

No Contradiction Between Some Hadith in Sahih Al-Bukhari and the Qur’an

Dear scholars,asslamu alaikum.My question is about some hadiths about Hadiith book "Bukahri".Some hadiths are contradictory with Quran.Such as in Bukhari in some hadith it is mentioned that Prophet(PBUH) used to asked his wives to wear cloth during their period and let them to make relation with him.But in Quran it is strictly prohibited to do such things.I've found many other contardicyory hadith in hadith book Bukhari which are giving bad name to Prophet(PBUH)'s character.Why Prophet's(PUBH) wives described so many personal things about Prophet(PBUH) after his death such as how he used to make relationship with his wives,how he would take bath with his wives.These things should be among husband and wives only.All these hadiths are narrated in Bukhari.Why Four Khalifa didn't collect the hadith and why Imam Bukhari collected hadith after 300 years of Prophet death?Khalifa Abu Bkar(PBUH),Khalifa Umar(PBUH) they had collected some hadiths at their lifetime.But feared that people will be misguided if they miss any single words of Prophet(PBUH) word and they would go to hell.Khalifa Umar(PBUH)even did one month Istakharah to get answer from Allah about collecting Hadith.But at last he let it went.Why Imam Muslim didn't collect the hadith those Imam Bukhari collected..Weren't they in personal clash?Beacuse of the Hadiths they have collected about Prophet(PBUH)'s personal lives..the kafirs are getting all kind of chance to give bad name to Prophet(PBUH)'s character.Muslims are also being misguided.Why Islamic sholars are not destroying these hadiths?Allah Hafiz.