Rights of a wife

A Wife Complaining of Her Busy Husband: The Way Out

assalamu aleikum. i have a question concerning my husband, he is a very good person, he gives me everything i need like money,food,cloths etc.but he is a very busy man his job involves travelling from time to time thats is hard for me staying home alone from morning till night sometimes he comes home around 10pm sometimes early.he is a businessman, so even if he is around,he still goes out morning till lunch time,he eats rests till asr prayer then leaves home for his work and comes back home around 9pm or sometimes 10pm.even weekend he goes out to meet with friends for his work.so he doesn't rest at all.i tell him dont do this,ur always busy and no time for your wife.he tells me what can i do,i am a businessman and i have got alot of work.he never ever leaves time for me,when he is home,he either sleeps or watch tv but he doesn't spend time with me.when i tell him his mistakes he starts to get angry at me and he doesn't reply me,he just sits and becomes quiet,that makes me sad till i start to cry.i tell him you dont love me if you did you could have spend time with me.he tells me he does love me, but i dont just see it,if he didn't love he wouldn't have given me everything i needed.when he gets angry at me,he starts to say words which hurt my feelings like:go home to your mum,i dont love you anymore,i will marry another girl,you dont deserve to be with me.that makes me cry,i start to beg him to forgive me but he refuses,he doesn't even feel iman for me seeing me crying like that.it takes me hours to beg then he forgives me.i tell him p lease lets sort out our problem so that we dont fight again but he doesn't listen to me, he tells me i dont love you and dont ask me to do anything for you coz i wont do it.am just with you coz of my daughter.then after a day he he cools down and acts normal and he tells me he loves me, i just dont understand him.he loves me but he wants me to let him do what he wants, he doesn't want me to correct his mistakes,he doesn't want me to tell him dont watch tv its not good,better that time spend it with me so that you get thawaab than staying on tv.ilove him so much and i dont want my marriage to break apart but this is what he does to me.please tell me what i should do islamically.i want him to care for me,love me as i do and listen to what makes me happy.i love going out with my husband like going restaurant to eat sometimes on special occassion but he tells me he doesn't like eating out, i tell him to do just for my sake to make me happy but he refuses.whenever i tell him to do something for me which makes me happy,he doesn't do it and when i get angry,he doesn't care to comfort me,he also gets angry and tells me hurtfull words till i get scared telling him anything.please help me on what to do islamically.maasalaam