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Why Does Islam Forbid Pork?

HiI came across this site doing a google on pork and hoping someone can lend an opinion on insight.My question is on pork but its not on what the Q'uran says about it or whether its allowed or not its a bit more 'mystical' for want of a better word.Anyway - I am not a muslim, and not brought up muslim, I am from western culture and brought up as a christian if anything.I stopped eating pork about 5 or 6 mths ago Im not even sure why - though I was reading about Islam at the time.  Anyway at the time I dont think I felt it was morally wrong, or wrong at all to eat it but I stopped anyway - out of curiousity maybe, a wish to feel closer to the faith or understand it? I dont knowAnyway - recently I have noticed that I just feel 'wrong' about the eating of pork.  Now I am a very very VERY logical/black and white person and I usually want something to be proven scientifically to me before I feel it or believe it.Ive larnt some things about pork that gross me out, and maybe thats all it is.  But I also believe, rationally that the disease and so on isnt an issue with modern pig farming and slaughtering where I live.But recently I feel more and more that pork isnt just 'gross' its wrong.  and more and more right, inside, about my decision to stopso I was just wondering if anyone else has had that - any non muslim or revert prior to reverting, or if any muslim ppl care to comment on why I might be feeling this way, from a more spiritual perspective I spose?thanks