Moderation in Islam

As-Salamu 'Alaykum mufti or sheikh:Bismillahir-Rahman ir-Raheem.This matter requires courage to talk about.  First define for me, please, what it means to be a Moderate Muslim. When I hear the word Moderate or Moderation, I think of the saying "Drink in moderation" or "All things in moderation." If this is true, then the haram will be made permissible or taken in jest. "Drink, but know the limits of the human body. Know that the body has a tollerance for alchohol, don't exceed it." Through that reasoning the Haram will be made to seem rational and reasonable, just know the limits. I fear this will be the way of the Ummah in the future. Muslim Leaders: It is a fact that most of the muslim leadership has been put into place due to colonial installation. The Al-Saud were helped into power by the British and Americans who gave them weapons. The Al-Sabah of Kuwait, Al-Thani of Qatar, Nahyan of Bahrain were all allowed to be the leaders of those nations by the colonials, subject to aggreements and conditions they are not to violate.  Speaking about the political leadership of muslim nations, there is not one among them that isn't controlled or the puppet of the west and the zionists through the west. If something against the muslims were to happen, can we trust them to declare jihad to rid the evil? No.   Speaking about the scholarship and clerical infrastructure of the Ummah. Popular places like Al-Azhar were established and controlled by the colonials, I believe(If I err correct me, please), in order to sudue the colonized through fatwas and khutbas. If the scholarship of Islam has been infiltrated, then what trust do we have to place in them? The "radical groups" as well are subject to doubt. There is speculation that sheikhs have been bought or cajoled by organizations like the CIA to foment unrest and foster militantcy, in order to justify policy decisions of the west and the zionists who are expansionists.  The Al-Saud when they expanded Masjid Al Haram and Masjid An-Nabawi installed ar ches with a checkerboard pattern to them. The checkerboard pattern is used in occult and satanic rituals, they believe it to be a Portal or Gateway whereby they can communicate with the Jinn.  The plans to expand Masjid Al-Haram and Makkah are not helping matters with regard to the intentions of Al-Saud. Madina as well has plans to remodel the city. With the proposed additions, there will be 5 star hotels built to cater to the Haji. This goes counter to what Hajj is supposed to be. Hajj is supposed to be an experience where the Haji comes and experiences poverty; and thereby realizes and appreciates the 'Ard(Earth, or land) and the importance of being grateful to Allah for the Rizq he has granted and. Having 5 star hotels cheapens and makes Makkah the 'disneyworld' for the Muslims. The money that would go to building them would be better spent building more tents in Mina, as there were pilgrims who had to bring tents this year.this leads to the conclusion that the leaders of the Ummah are satanists preparing the way for Masih Ad-Dajjal.  I bear witness that this is indeed a verbose question, but one of maximum importance to the Ummah.  The truth will be appreciated. Please tell it.  Shukran wa Allah Hafiz.