missed fasts

Making up for Fasting Neglected for Years

Dear ScholarsMy question is about making up for the missing fasts. I have had my very first monthly periods at the age of 9. Now I am 24, But until a couple of years ago, I didnt know that we have to make up for those missing fasts. Hence, I never made uo for them for all these years. Now I dont have a count for those fasts, neither do I find myself able to make up for those fasts by fasting now. I am in good health but I have a hectic study schedule. I cant get up early in the morning for having suhurs and I have heard that if one wants to fast on days other than ramadan, sahurs are a must, otherwise, the fast isnt valid. For this very reason and also because i m not very pious and practicing muslim, a person  having a very low level of iman, who usually finds herself unable to perform the obligatory acts even, in past 3 years, I could not make up for more than 10 missing fasts, and this number is not even sufficient for the missing fasts of these 3 years. Now, I want to pay the compensation money (fidyah) for these fasts, because we never know when are we going to die and I dont want to die with so much burden on my already extremely sinner self. Hence my questions are:1- Can I pay the fidyah? Do I fit to the critera of people who can benefit from this blessing?2- What is the amount of fidyah for one fast?3- Will I have to fast even after paying the fidyah, because im young and healthy?4- Can I pay the fidyah to some charity organization or not? Can I give this money to some poor student from my country, pakistan, to use it for his education purpose? while not informing him of the nature of this charity?A detailed and quick reply will be highly appreciated. JazakAllah!