Hypnosis and Metaphysical Stuff

Asslamoalikum.Regarding my inquiry earlier ref: uBeiasThis person is into magic and metaphysical stuff like.Astral projection, could be used to spy on people??telepathy, listening to people mind??? Remote influencing, (psychokinesis), moving or changing things with power of mind??he can make any thing electrical in nature to behave erratic, lights, computers etc.also involved in Hypnosis, which could be done thru astral plane also. Making somebody do something without their awareness!!!! Mind Control by Music- Subliminals and much more. Listening to Music like HoloSync. To be in delta state of mind.Now you can imagine what could be done to you.Shaikh-E-Kamil is the person who know all this metaphysical abilities and also have great knowledge of Islam. Hence such person is able to decode what is actually happening to me . Will might also help break the metaphysical connection.I there is any Shaikh at west coast(Vanc) of Canada whom I can meet if necessary.???Please Understand one thing that what I am telling is not stories its reality.Also is this stuff allowed in our religion??? I mean is there any place of spirituality in Islam, but some say astral projection is natural thing. Just aware state of dreams??? If I want to walk the spiritual path then what?s the best way to do it?? WARNING: I DEMAND NOT TO MAKE THIS POST PUBLIC, FOR MY PERSONAL SAFETY.aND IT SHOULD BE DONE SO.I don?t want to harm myself neither this person. But at the same time I want to protect myself from any kind of external influence affecting me.I recite all the Surah?s of protection.Hope to hear soon.Allah Hafiz. Imran.