Menstruation During Hajj

Using Birth Control Pills to Stop Periods During Hajj

Dear brothers/sisters,I have a lot of confusion regarding some issues pertaining to hajj. I can not find a lot of information relating to women's hajj on the internet. I would really appriciate if you could answer my questions: 1) It is common practice to use birth control pill to stop periods during haj. Is this acceptable? 2) A lot of women who go for hajj and are using birth control pills  (to stop their mensus)experience some mild bleeding/ spotting on and off. Is it allowed for them to perform Umrah/ Tuwaaf and prayer after washing away the impurity (usualy very light). This is a very common problem faced by ladies during haj.(this spotting happens at random - there is no way to be sure when it will happen. Can happen even after putting Ihram or after starting Tuwaf) 3) If for some reason, if a  woman is not is paak state (mensus or spotting mentioned above), should she leave Makkah without performing Tuwaf-e-wida (and Tuwaf-e-Ifaada) or should she do Tuwaf. Does she have to give Dum. There is a lot of conflicting opinion regarding this. 4) Some peaple believe a woman can wear any kind of shoes while in Ihram. Is that true? 5) Is it allowed for women to leave Muzdaliffa early? 6) Is it allowed for women to have their Mahram throw the pebbles for them. I went for Hajj and was very sick on the second and third day of Rami. My husband threw my pebbles. Do I need to give Dam? 7) Because of my sickness, my husband held my hand while doing Tuwaf-e-Ifada. Is htat a problem?