Marriage proposal

Her Father Opposes Her Marriage

I am a motherless daughter. I want to get married but my father had been taking this issue too easy. Either he refuses the proposals on the basis of petty issues or I end up getting a rejection. I have asked from my mother?s sisters and friends to look for a suitable person. Among them, there are ones who are sincerely taking this task and yet others who are not. Overall, I haven?t had much luck yet.What should I do? After consulting one of my friend?s mother, I registered my name in matrimonial websites with high precautions, such as not showing my picture to anyone unless I know a bit about them and who sound trustworthy. Till now, only once I had shown my picture (in Hijab, of course) to one very sound person in all aspects (though I know I can?t guarantee it). That person is starting his job currently so we haven?t got to talk much.I am the only daughter. My brother is younger than me. I am not that open and friendly with my father to show such concerns. Thus, I am totally helpless at what to do. I am not much happy with my current life since I lost my mother. My father has remarried to someone I truly ended up hating. So, I am eager to get married to someone I can be truly happy with, leaving everything behind even the country my family and me are in. I have tried Istikhara recently on which I just ended up deciding, yet again, to leave it to Allah. But shouldn?t someone or I be doing something about it too? I would like a detailed advice on this issue, given my current situation.