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Using Hair Extensions for the sake of Husband

Assalamu-Alakium Wa Ramatillahi wa Barakatu,I am a muslim woman married for five years with two children (aged 3 and 1). I am so busy around the house with my kids that I never seem to have time to groom my hair in order to look nice for my husband (who works everyday). My hair is course and curly in nature so it is not easy to manage. Alot of the time, even when I attempt to make it look nice it seems to get ruined by the end of the day because I have to make wudu, pray, play with the kids, run errands, etc.I have been considering getting braids in my hair (using plastic like extensions) because I want to be able to both look nice for my husband and its less stress on the hair which serves an advantage. Also the braids are convient as I can look presentable for my husband and don't have to worry about styling it before he comes home.I also wear the hijab so only my husband and maharams see my hair. I had many discussions with my husband about the braids and he's often voiced to me that I should get them because he thinks I will look very nice in braids.My question is: Is it permissible to wear braids if the purpose is solely to beautify oneself for her husband? My husband knows that the braids are extensions so I will not be fooling him or leading him on. Also I read that adding human hair is haraam. I want to stay away from the human hair and add a plastic type of hair. What is the ruling on using plastic or other materials for adding hair? I appreciate your responseJazakalla KareenTamaria