Lawful and Prohibited

Money Gained from Haram Source Before the Earner Knew it was Haram

Asalamalaykom and may Allah reward all of the IOL team and the scholars for their efforts. Firstly I would like to explain my situation. I am a student studying in a western country who still lives at home, I study tourism and have been working for the past few years in restaurants, until just recently I did not know that serving alcohol and pork was haram. I thought maybe it was makruh but once I found out it was haram al hamdulileh I stopped working and serving these things and am making tauba to Allah to forgive me. It is particularly hard to find a job in restaurants or tourism in this country which does not involve serving these things as very very few dont serve it. I therefore have many questions to ask relating to this:1. I had been working in restaurants which serve alcohol and pork for a few years and I managed to save a decent amount of money which I intended to use for marriage and things relating to that such as a deposit for an apartment, is it ok for me to use this money? will the things I spend my money on inshallah be blessed by Allah? Should I donate a specific amount of money to cleanse the money, if so how much percent? If I should donate money does it have to be immediately or can I donate it later on in the future?2. My father also works in a western country and in the same field and his job involves serving pork and alcohol, currently I am in need of my fathers support for study fees and help with costs for an apartment and other things, is it ok to accept financial support from my father? will the things this money is spent on inshallah be blessed by Allah? do I have to cleanse this money, if so how?3. Can I/should I pay my zakah from my money which I have saved from previously working in serving alcohol and pork? 4. In this country and especially in the field of tourism it is quite hard to find a job avoiding serving alcohol or pork although there are some, I have been looking for a job for months and cannot find any that dont involve serving these things, is it permissible to work in serving them temporarily until I find a halal job?Gazzakumallah Khayr