Jews and CHristians

Muslims’ Belief on the Books of the Jews and the Christians

In the Qur'an it is written in S. 3:3 that Allah has sent down the Taurat and the Injeel. In the S. 5:46 it is written that Isa has received Injeel in which it is guidance, and also a confirmation of the Taurat revealed before. The S. 57:27 says that Isa was given the Injeel, and also S. 19:30 says that Isa was given the Book. Islamic Tradition claims that melek Jibrail revealed Taurat and Injeel to Messengers, Musa and Isa, whom Allah has chosen to receive these books. These books consisted of ayas as Qur'an does. Confusion arrises because some Muslims think that the Qur'an under these names ? Taurat and Injeel speaks about the Old and the New Testament in their original form. Some Christians also think that the Qur'an under these names speaks about the Old and the New Testament. Both are wrong.the Old Testament consists of Moses Pentateuch, Historical books, Psalms&Wisdom and Prophets. So Quranic Taurat could possibly only be Moses Pentateuch and nothing else. To think othervise is sloppy and stupid to the extreme. The New Testament consists of 4 Gospels, Book of Acts of Apostles, Letters of various authors and the Book of Revelation. So three of four New Testament sections cannot possibly be Quranic Injeel. If Quranic Taurat and Injeel consisted of ayas, then these books cannot be Moses Pentateuch and 4 Gospels. The issue is not because the latter are textually corrupt. As one Muslim put it: Pentateuch looks like historical book about Moses, and Gospels look like historical books about Jesus. Their narrative form precludes the possibility that they derived out of Quranic Taurat and Injeel. The point is: when Muslims and Christians debate they commit logical fallacy because both of them are unaware that the Qur'an does not speak about the books which they have in mind. What do you think ?