Guardian in Marriager

Marriage Without Father’s Approval?

salami meet a guy at a wedding four years ago we were friends now would like to get maried his side family is fine but mines anit reason being he is muslim but not in my culture therefore parents will be against my decison. he is 38 im 22 age parents wont be happy, I wish to marry this person he is very nice caring in the past four years have always supported me when i was in depression and sad in September I have decided to write a letter to my parents when i have moved out explaining to them what has happened, in the way that I like this person and I've married him. if I tell them before, they will not let me marry him at all. I'm so confused, many people have told me that I can't marry without parents consent because it's a sin. I have no choice in this matter and is still finding it hard to come to terms with it. furthermore my parents always have a negtaive impact about my wedding becuase im fat not skinny and pretty like my other sisters b4 they say if im fat no1 will accept me from uk therefore will ave to go back home to marry i cant accept this dont i ave a choice in this matter??recently this yr my younger sister found sum1 love marriage parents agreed cuz he in out culture but lied to relatives saying its arranged marriage to every1 afraid of what people think. I've decided to get married in July, do my Nikah, then m ove out in September and write to my parents then explaining about everything. please advise me how bad my situation is? how can I get help, forgiveness from Allah because everything I'm doing is wrong. I always feel very guilty about the whole situation i fink i would be happy with the person i have choosen rather than what my parents will chooseplease help me to ressolve this matter i cant talk to any family members regarding this matter will allah ever forgive me for marrying sum1 aganist my parents willplease reply asapsalam