Evil spirit

Black Magic and Marriage

Dear scholar, Assalamilikumthank you for giving me the opportunity for seeking help and advice through this website and also for many other brother and sister?s out their who are seeking knowledge. INSHALLAH may ALLAH tala grant you all prosperity .AMEEN.My issue is regarding black magic. First of all I would just like to give you an overview of the situation. I wanted to marry my cousin in Pakistan. They proposed to our family 5 years ago, however parents post phoned the decision until I visited Pakistan. However another family wanted their daughter to get married to my cousin but he did not approve of her at the time. Later misunderstandings developed between me and my cousin which resulted in myself  and therefore I lost all forms of contact. The family that wanted their daughter to get married to my cousin came to the UK. However when they went back to Pakistan after a couple of months my cousin agreed to marry my other cousin and got engaged to her without saying anything to anyone. He was completely against me and my family. Recently I visited Pakistan and found out from some close cousins that the girl?s parents may have practiced black magic on my cousin. Also another person has seen evidence of this such as pictures being at the person?s house that did the magic such as a peer or something. Also the man admitted doing it. However, I know that going to soothsayers, peers etc and even getting the magic reversed is haram if im not wrong? As a Muslim I can?t think of bad for their engagement but I do feel that I may be able to do something about the black magic? Is their anything I can read? Or any dua?s or please can you offer me any advice regarding this issue. I mean it could also be the will of ALLAH swt. My cousin does seem to have changed a lot personality wise etc..i do understand that people can change over time Also I believe I was in depression and started doing wrong acts, however I realised and stopped doing them and want to seek forgiveness from ALLAH swt, are their any dua?s I could use?. Or is it possible to contact a molvi that can help take black magic away. I have also experienced a lot of anxiety and depression are their any supplications for that? Also there are problems with extended family are their any supplications I can recite which could resolve misunderstandings and problems with them.I have recently started praying 5 times MASHALLAH?I would like to make up for prayers that I have missed at what age do u have to start praying the full prayers also as I have been missing prayers and reading at the same time I may find it difficult to remember the ones I have missedwould I have to go back count the years and months I have nto prayed and do qaza for all of them? Or for a peace of mind make up all of the years even I have read some of them? Just for your information i am 20 years old.I would really appreciate it for the advice and answer to these questions JAZAKALLAH