Animal's rights

Islam Encourages Mercifulness to Animals

Request for advise I am a convert to islam (some 3 years ago), my wife is a muslim too, we moved to another part of the UK two years ago for her to complete medical training and will move again in about 2 or 3 months. Last year our much loved cat was killed on the road, she is very much missed and still loved and cherished. We buried her in the garden where we live currently, and the thought of us moving and leaving her is causing a lot of heartache.the options to us are to leave her (this is many miles from where we will live), this is not our house and will have no control over any work which may be carried out here, however unlikely to affect her grave, it is still possible that her rest will be disturbed or her grave lost or destroyed, the distance means visiting her is not an option, and as said this is not our house (is rented and others will live here after we have gone). We could move her to our new home, and re bury her, but again we may only live there a few years, and eventually we will return to Malaysia to live. We could move her to a recognised pet cemetary, hopefully nearer to where we will live, but again, one day we will move. Lastly, we could have her remains cremated, but cremation is haram in Islam for humans for all the reasons given in the teachings and obviously I respect that, but in relation to our pet, how do we stand and what advice can you give please ? I appreciate this may be considered a trivial matter, but to us, it is important, losing her was  like losing a child, it caused huge upset then and we miss her now as much as ever, and will continue to do so.any advice would be greatly appreciated. Sulaiman.