With regard to people’s transactions, the basic principle in Islamic Shari`ah is the permissibility unless there is a Shari`ah textual indication suggesting otherwise. Transactions that involve usury, intoxicants, or pornography are examples of prohibitions in this regard. Thus, the area of restriction is very limited if one sincerely looks for what is lawful.
Dr. Monzer Kahf, a prominent economist and counselor, stated, There is no need to burden oneself with so many things that shouldn’t be worried about. Life is much simpler and easier, and our Shari`ah is sent by Allah to make life easier and more pleasant, not to make us confused. Everything and every action is halal as long as it is not harmful. The haram covers those things that are bad or harmful, and everybody knows what is bad or harmful. It does not require a PhD to know that alcohol destroys the human body and harms the mind. You can count the haram because it is countable, but you cannot count the halal because it covers everything that we have now and will be invented in the future.

In the field of electronics, especially in business, a Muslim can sell everything and to all people. Of course, he is going to avoid pornographic videos and the like, that is all.